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Keith Stratford
Fishing Writer SEQ

The Prawnstar team have got the mix of softness and toughness just right and the fish have definitely taken a liking to Prawnstar GOLD.

Dan Kaggelis
Fishing Writer NQ

 Prawnstar GOLD Tournament series has been upgraded to a whole new level in materials, design and terminal tackle. The results are outstanding. Prawnstar GOLD is much softer which translates into a better tail flick action. The new super tough spliced Dacron leader with stainless steel solid ring on the nose have made the lure so much easier to rig and at the same time improved the strength ten fold. 

Jason Medcalf
Fishing Writer - Bundy

Prawnstar is my first lure choice for targeting several species in certain conditions...An absolute must have for any keen angler

Garry Smith
Fishing & Boating writer

Prawnstar is the benchmark lure by which I judge all others

Rod Harrison
One of Australia's Premier Sportsfishermen

Prawn Star is the most ingenious local lure design to come along since the Scorpion. It's the brain child of Andrew Fogarty, a biologist who's active in the breeding of barra and jacks. The things that most impressed me about the Prawn Star were the natural presentations it facilitates, superlative fish hooking and holding qualities and the extraordinary degree of snag-proofing inherent in the design. Needless to say I wouldn't contemplate going anywhere near barra & jacks without a few in my boat. The Prawn Star will rise to the top of the heap. This concept and the finished job is Australian ingenuity at its best. I hope they cream both local & export markets. 

Paul Russo

I've got a bucket full of lures at home that I never caught anything on. Since I've been using the prawnstar, I keep on catching fish. I'm so impressed, I went and bought 20 of them

Justin Day
Fishing Writer

They are brilliant. I've had great success on them & more often than not, it is the only lure the fish were interested in, even though friends were casting minnow style lures to the exact same areas as me

Chris Hunter
Fishing Guide - Florida

Prawnstar Shrimp delivers instant action on for snook, sea trout, tarpon and red fish. Don't go fishing without one

Jim Pochurek
Lt Col USAF Retired...US Outdoor Writer - Florida
Jerking the Prawnstar Shrimp simulates live Shrimp action, and it makes the difference with our shrimp fed sea-trout.

Jim Pochurek
Florida 2002

So many fish can't be wrong...

I wanted to see if our Florida flats fish (Snook, Redfish, Spotted Seatrout) were willing to hit an international, Australian offering. I fished with my good friend, Dr. Hal Morris, now retired like me. The grassy flats just a mile off my dock in Palm Harbor hold plenty of shrimp and bait fish, attracting the game fish. Buying and maintaining live shrimp and netting bait fish is less of a challenge and more expensive than fishing with artificials. Most of my fishing pals agree.

I just bought a new Key West flats boat with a 90 horse Yamaha, and invited Hal over for a trial run. With some cloud cover and an incoming tide,I hooked Hal up with a Medium Pink Fink, and I opted for the El Natural. We drifted in four to five foot water depth over some good turtle grass. We tried various colors. After about 15 minutes, I hooked up and landed a 20 inch seatrout. Immediate bragging rights! A few minutes later, over the same grass patch, Hal nailed a fish, and then five minutes later, netted a 23 inch keeper. We hit a few more to achieve our bag limit, and headed back in when the storm clouds threatened.

Jerking the Prawn Star simulates live shrimp action, and I think it makes the difference with our shrimp-fed seatrout. I hope you can make them available to our Florida fishermen.