Be the Bait

Wild shrimps mostly move by swimming forward slowly in the water or walking forward on the bottom, but can flick rapidly in any direction when startled. Imagine- a shrimp gliding towards the bottom, seeking out the cover of structure for protection. The bait is startled- it recognizes a predatory fish and enters into escape response. A series of sporatic bursts to evade the hungry mouth. The perfect artificial bait will do just that- simulate the real thing. Using Prawnstar GOLD's  "Be the Bait" system, and the flickjigging technique, you can cast and retrieve prawnstar GOLD with the intent to simulate a prawn or shrimp moving in its environment. So "Be the Bait"- let it sink, drift and glide. Add the occasional tail flicking action or simply lift and lower prawnstar GOLD in the water column to alert any hungry predators of its location and hang on. When you tie on your first prawnstar GOLD you will immediately feel the difference. Unlike other lures, prawnstar GOLD glides & drifts with gentle resistance. When you twitch the rod tip, the planers at the front create the resistance in the water and allow you to drive or glide prawnstar GOLD down deep with natural presentations in areas that were once only the domain of bait fishermen.

Flickjig it

To Flickjig, try dropping the rod tip slightly before flicking the rod tip back rapidly or gently lift and lower prawnstar GOLD in the water column. Note- you don't have to pull its head off- (You, won't be eating it)- It's all in the wrists- small flickjigs induce pressure waves in the water that fish recognise as similar to shrimps in predatory escape response. The flick happens really rapidly so don't be surprised if you only see prawnstar twitch. Rest assured- the reverberations of a wounded prawn achieved by flickjigging prawnstar GOLD means main course to most fish species. Remember- The flickjig is just one of prawnstar GOLD's features. The glide or swimming action truely separates prawnstar from the pack. After a flickjig sequence allow prawnstar GOLD to drift and glide towards the bottom. It frequently gets hit on the sink !!!

Targetting fish

Wild prawns are a major food source for many fish species and are often found using underwater structures for cover. Fish often use these structures such as logs, rocks, bars, reef, pontoons, jetties and weed banks as ambush points for hunting bait. Keep an eye out for bait on the surface or on your sounder. If you can find feeding fish, half the job is already done. Using Primal's "Be the Bait" techniques, and the flickjigging action, you can cast and retrieve prawnstar  GOLD with the intent to simulate a shrimp moving in its environment. Check out your local area for likely fish habitats and use the prawnstar GOLD to target fish. You'll enjoy the versatility prawnstar GOLD offers you in targetting different aquatic environments and conditions. It's simple to fish with and mess free. One simple knot and you can get into them. Talk to your local tackle store professionals to find out more about the local spots & the methods for targetting fish with prawnstar GOLD.

Cast and retrieve

Cast and retrieve fishing is a great way to target fish with prawnstar GOLD. It is as simple as cast, sink, flickjig, glide and really slow retrieve. Try casting prawnstar GOLD slightly upcurrent of the target zone. Give the prawnstar GOLD a quick flick near the surface & allow it to sink down into the target area. Monitor and control the sink rate, staying in touch with the weight of the prawnstar- you can even feed out line and remember stay alert, it often gets hit on the drop. Work the retrieve with the flickjig, glide and slow draw technique. Remember "Slow is the go". Vary the retrieve in speed and action. Presentations which include a slow retrieve, sink and glide and rapid flicks in combination, simulate wounded prawn or shrimp action. Glide prawnstar GOLD to the bottom of holes and work it like a livey moving with the current. You will appreciate the extra time you can spend in the strike zone. Keep the front hook retained when targetting snags. In snag free, sandy areas the front hook can be fished swinging freely. You'll be amazed how often prawnstar GOLD get's nailed. If you get nailed and don't hook up, stop it dead, let it sink and give it a quick flick- often they'll come back for another bite. So cast, sink, flick, let it sink, drift and glide, slow retrieve- flick again.....and be ready to hang on- "fish love it"

Rigging Prawnstar GOLD

  1. Tie off to the solid ring on the nose and you are ready for action. Otherwise use your favourite clip connection to firmly attach to the solid ring. 
  2. Variable weights clip into the under cavities. Fish with two weights for strong currents, deep water & windy days. With one weight, the lure works shallower & more eratically. Skip on the surface with no weights.
  3. For deepwater flickjigging, attach a Klik-Sinker just above the solid ring and feed out line until you are working the desired depth and work the Prawnstar GOLD - But be ready - hits can come at any time.
  4. Check your dacron leader regularly - The leaders are a sacrificial part and are designed to be a wear component - Replace leaders when necessary.

Prawnstar Weighting

Fog's Tips Weighting for presentation
1 weight or 2, it's up to you
Front weight on steep edges,
In the back on the flats,
2 for depth wind or tide,
Let conditions decide
Catching fish is easy..
Just Sink, Flick and glide.
Be the Bait

Prawnstar GOLD's variable weight design allows you to target fish in different habitats and keeps the prawnstar GOLD in the strike zone for longer. This unique weighting system offers you 4 easy options in sink rate to suit depth and current. Sinkers clip into the underbody cavities. A small clip at the back of the sinkers simplifies levering them from the prawnstar GOLD body. With a single sinker, in the rear cavity, the sink and glide is slower and more horizontal, perfectly suited to natural shallow water presentations. With a single sinker, in the front cavity, the glide on descent is faster and steeper, which suits slightly deeper water. Use both weights for deep water and strong currents. Use a set of clippers to cut down sinkers to give you even greater weighting variations.With both weights removed, prawnstar can be worked on the surface, just like a skipping shrimp. It's great when the fish action is on the surface or the bite has shut down. Cast out and give it a quick crank to bring the lure to the surface. Using a highstick action and regular flicking action, retrieve the prawnstar just like a skipping shrimp. (This one takes some practice).

Drift fishing

When boat fishing, drifting allows you to cover ground and locate feeding fish with natural presentations free from noisy outboards. Position the boat up current of the target area- snaggy region, rockbars, reefs, sandbanks, weed banks, gutters or structured area to name a few. Fish often hold facing upcurrent- aerating their gills and preying on bait moving down with the current. Cast the prawnstar GOLD and allow it to sink towards the bottom. Drift along with occasional flickjig and sink and glide presentations. Use an electric motor to choose your desired target path. With experimentation, you will work out the required weighting for variations in water depth and the speed of the current. Try counting the timing of the first sink to the bottom so that you become familiar with the working depth. Sounders are a great help for locating fish holding areas.

The hang

Prawnstar GOLD even works when you are doing nothing. It looks so real and its passive gliding action on sink make a perfect representation of a prawn swimming slowly forward. The gliding action works best with one sinker in the back cavity. You can even fish prawnstar GOLD "no hands", you don't even have to work it, just like bait. Great for those lazy days, over a beer or lunch. Glide the prawnstar GOLD to the bottom. Lift it about a meter and put your rod in the holder- the prawn glides in the current like a real prawn, bobbing with boat movement. 

Bottom bouncing

Prawnstar GOLD can be fished at most depths. USe Klik-Sinkers just above the soid ring connection to sink Prawnstar GOLD into deeper waters.  

Piers and jetties

Fish feed on bait surrounding pier pylons. Consider the current running and tailor the weighting to suit. Cast & sink prawnstar GOLD towards the bottom. Strip out line until prawnstar GOLD reaches the desired depth. Work the prawnstar GOLD up through the water column and flickjig occasionally on slow retrieve. Allow for sink and glides after each flickjig action. Move along the pylons to cover as much area as possible whilst keeping the prawnstar GOLD in the target zone. Fish also hold mid water and near the surface, so vary the presentation accordingly. Be ready to hang on- When you hook up on prawnstar GOLD, the fish is going to be seriously keen on burying back into the pylons to bust you off.

Rivers and estuaries

Target snags, logs, rock structures, ledges, eddies, gutters, banks. If in a boat, on docks or walking the bank, move from structure to structure directly targetting each. Try sinking the prawnstar GOLD into the snags and flickjig it back through the water depth. Identify deep water bends and sink the prawnstar GOLD towards the bottom, flickjigging with the tide or current. Cast & retrieve or flickjig troll mangrove edges, gutters and banks at slow speed with intermittent flickjigging. Drift fish deeper water holes, gutters, banks and rockbars. Sink the prawnstar GOLD until it hits the bottom and flickjig it as it moves with the current.


Prawnstar GOLD offers you a feast of techniques for targetting lake and dam fisheries. In the early morning and late afternoon, surface fish prawnstar to nail the surface feeding species. Target weed or lilly banks with cast and retrieve flickjigging. Sink & glide prawnstar down the side of weed & lilly structures- Work it slowly to tempt fish lying in ambush. Try flickjigging deep holes, tree snags and bottom structures where fish are likely to hold. Use the sounder to locate deep water snags or fish holding in mid water thermals. Glide prawnstar down to target depth & work prawnstar GOLD up through the water depth allowing for flickjig and sink time on retrieve. Try counting the sink, so that you are aware of when you are in the strike zone. When the water is cooler due to the wind, target sheltered waters where the water temperature is higher. Try targetting wind lines where insects are carried and bait species and fish predators feed.


Beach fishing- Evaluate the beach conditions and determine likely fish habitats. Gutters, drop offs, sandbars, snags, pylons, and rocks are worth targeting. Cast upcurrent and work the lure through the water depth on slow retrieve with the flickjigging action. After casting an area, walk further up the beach and work the new region to cover more grounds. Rock headlands & rock walls- Fish take cover and hunt bait around rocky terrain. Assess the wave conditions for 1/2hr before selecting your fishing locations. Find a safe place on the rocks being wary of big dangerous swells. Cast and sink the prawnstar GOLD, flickjigging with the current. When it hits the bottom or depth you are working, flickjig and retrieve. Cast a pattern to hunt fish in a given zone, then move around to find more feeding fish.

Prawnstar- Rod flick action

Prawnstar- Underwater action

Prawnstar- working over snags

Prawnstar - Dam Techniques

Prawnstar - Beach Techniques

Prawnstar - Jetty / Pier Techniques

Prawnstar - Working underwater structure Techniques 1

Prawnstar - Working underwater structure Techniques 2

Prawnstar - Working ledges

Keith Stratford
Fishing Writer SEQ

The Prawnstar team have got the mix of softness and toughness just right and the fish have definitely taken a liking to Prawnstar GOLD.

Dan Kaggelis
Fishing Writer NQ

 Prawnstar GOLD Tournament series has been upgraded to a whole new level in materials, design and terminal tackle. The results are outstanding. Prawnstar GOLD is much softer which translates into a better tail flick action. The new super tough spliced Dacron leader with stainless steel solid ring on the nose have made the lure so much easier to rig and at the same time improved the strength ten fold. 

Jason Medcalf
Fishing Writer - Bundy

Prawnstar is my first lure choice for targeting several species in certain conditions...An absolute must have for any keen angler

Garry Smith
Fishing & Boating writer

Prawnstar is the benchmark lure by which I judge all others

Rod Harrison
One of Australia's Premier Sportsfishermen

Prawn Star is the most ingenious local lure design to come along since the Scorpion. It's the brain child of Andrew Fogarty, a biologist who's active in the breeding of barra and jacks. The things that most impressed me about the Prawn Star were the natural presentations it facilitates, superlative fish hooking and holding qualities and the extraordinary degree of snag-proofing inherent in the design. Needless to say I wouldn't contemplate going anywhere near barra & jacks without a few in my boat. The Prawn Star will rise to the top of the heap. This concept and the finished job is Australian ingenuity at its best. I hope they cream both local & export markets. 

Paul Russo

I've got a bucket full of lures at home that I never caught anything on. Since I've been using the prawnstar, I keep on catching fish. I'm so impressed, I went and bought 20 of them

Justin Day
Fishing Writer

They are brilliant. I've had great success on them & more often than not, it is the only lure the fish were interested in, even though friends were casting minnow style lures to the exact same areas as me

Chris Hunter
Fishing Guide - Florida

Prawnstar Shrimp delivers instant action on for snook, sea trout, tarpon and red fish. Don't go fishing without one

Jim Pochurek
Lt Col USAF Retired...US Outdoor Writer - Florida
Jerking the Prawnstar Shrimp simulates live Shrimp action, and it makes the difference with our shrimp fed sea-trout.

Jim Pochurek
Florida 2002

So many fish can't be wrong...

I wanted to see if our Florida flats fish (Snook, Redfish, Spotted Seatrout) were willing to hit an international, Australian offering. I fished with my good friend, Dr. Hal Morris, now retired like me. The grassy flats just a mile off my dock in Palm Harbor hold plenty of shrimp and bait fish, attracting the game fish. Buying and maintaining live shrimp and netting bait fish is less of a challenge and more expensive than fishing with artificials. Most of my fishing pals agree.

I just bought a new Key West flats boat with a 90 horse Yamaha, and invited Hal over for a trial run. With some cloud cover and an incoming tide,I hooked Hal up with a Medium Pink Fink, and I opted for the El Natural. We drifted in four to five foot water depth over some good turtle grass. We tried various colors. After about 15 minutes, I hooked up and landed a 20 inch seatrout. Immediate bragging rights! A few minutes later, over the same grass patch, Hal nailed a fish, and then five minutes later, netted a 23 inch keeper. We hit a few more to achieve our bag limit, and headed back in when the storm clouds threatened.

Jerking the Prawn Star simulates live shrimp action, and I think it makes the difference with our shrimp-fed seatrout. I hope you can make them available to our Florida fishermen.